SVS Impact 2023, our annual impact report is released!

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Korea Social Value and Solidarity Foundation Annual Report 2023


The Korea Social Value and Solidarity Foundation (SVS) publishes an annual report each year to provide transparent information on the Foundation’s projects and performance over the past year. The report represents the Foundation’s efforts to establish sustainable ecosystems for social finance and foster the social economy in Korea. It also includes data of the Foundation’s performance from 2019 to March 2024 to provide a representation of meaningful activities and outcomes. This report was created as an interactive PDF with features such as navigation to table of contents, related pages within the report and shortcuts to webpages. 


Social Finance Forum 2023 4

Greetings from The Chair 10

HISTORY 2018-2023 12

HIGHLIGHTS 2019-2023 14

Part I. SVS Social Finance Ecosystem

Overview of Social Finance Provision 28

Investment and Loan Portfolio 28

Overview of Investment and Loans 30

Overview of Social Finance Investment 31

Social Finance Portfolio 32

Overview of Social Finance Provision by Type 33

Overview of Social Finance Intermediaries 34

Social Finance Intermediaries in Investment and Loan Activities 34

Overview of SVS’s Investment and Loan Activities by Intermediary Type 36

Fostering Social Finance Intermediaries 37

Overview of Social Economy Enterprises 38

Social Economy Enterprises Participating 38

in Investments and Loans Programs

Overview of Social Economy Enterprises Participating 41

in Social Finance Programs

Part II. The Impact of Investment and Loans by SVS

UN SDGs Impact Framework 44

SVS Impact Goals Classification 46

Changes in the SVS Impact Portfolio 47

Introduction of SVS 50

History of SVS 52

Financial Report 56

Overview of Income and Expenditures 56

Financial Statements 58

Partner Organizations in 2023 60



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