ABOUT Korea Social Value and Solidarity Foundation

NOTICE 2023. 02. 06. 02:11


The Korea Social Value and Solidarity Foundation (SVS) was established in January 2019 as a part of the Korean government’s ‘Social Finance Promotion Strategy (announced on February 2018) with the design of wholesale finance institution exclusively for the social economy in South Korea. 

The foundation’s theory of change is building more sustainable and equitable society in Korea by providing patient capital for businesses with social values, including social enterprises, cooperatives, self-help, and community-based enterprises. 

We also support to build social finance ecosystem by identifying and fostering social finance intermediaries (SFIs), encouraging and expanding the spectrum of social investors, and advocating and researching for more vibrant Korean social finance market. 

As an active social investor and ecosystem builder, SVS will continuously work with all partners and actors trying to make a valuable change in their communities and the world. 


  Provide social finance to social economy enterprises in the form of investment, loans, guarantees, etc. through social finance intermediaries

  Support socially valuable projects by providing investments, loans, guarantees, or mixed form of finance. 

  Foster social finance intermediaries through training, consulting, mentoring, investing, etc. 

  Research and advocate for strengthening Korean social finance ecosystem

  Raise awareness on social value and social economy through various events, forum, etc. 



SVS cooperates with organizations that are involved in the global promotion of social economy and impact investing. 

Global Social Economy ForumAsia Venture Philanthropy NetworkGlobal Steering Group for Impact Investing


Board Members

Rev. Kyong Yong Song,
former chairperson, Seoul Social Economy Network
Mr. Hakyang Park,
former executive director,
Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
Ms. Jeonghee Kim,
Chairperson, Icoop consumer cooperative group
Mr. Cheongwan Namgung,
Director, National Credit Union Federation of Korea
Ms. Miyoung Lee,
CEO, Fairtrade Korea
Mr. Hyunmin Lee,
Executive Director, Jeonbuk Regional Development Cooperative
Mr. Won O Chong,
Mayor, Seongdong District, Seoul
Mr. Sanggeun Lee, 
CPA, Ilshin Accounting Cooperation
Mr. Young Kim,
Secretary General, Association of Korean Local Governments for Social and Solidarity Economy


Rev. Kyong Yong Song, President

Mr. Chonghoon Kim, Director, Impact Financing

Mr. Wonho Nam, Senior Manager,  Impact Financing   

Mr. Junghwan Park, Senior Manager,  Impact Financing 

Ms. Jiyeon Jang, Director, Management and Planning

Ms. Mihee Kang, Senior Manager, Administration

Ms. Youkyung Suh, Senior Manager, Communications

Ms. Jinkyung Choi, Senior Manager, International Relations