Season's Greetings from SVS!

NOTICE 2022. 12. 28. 01:20

Dear valued partners and friends of Korea Social Value and Solidarity Foundation, 

Season’s Greetings from Seoul, Korea! 

The year 2022 was our time of recovery from long-lasted pandemic and of struggles against immense socioeconomic challenges. It is also an opportunity for us to witness the resilience of people-centered economy and to reassure the value of sustainable and equitable society. With these values, SVS continued to put its efforts to build social impact ecosystem and provide finances to socially and environmentally valuable projects. 

In 2022, We invested 7 new projects in establishments of local impact funds to stimulate community-driven local development, social impact bonds to promote youth employment, and provision of emergency finance to social economy organizations. We also managed 33 on-going projects focused on strengthening social finance ecosystem, acquisition of community assets, renewable energy, social housing, and youth employment, etc. 

As an impact ecosystem builder in Korea, we have also provided trainings to social finance intermediaries and local fund stakeholders, had conversations with new possible impact investors through our workshops and seminars, participated in domestic and international networking, and communicated with citizens through our publications and newsletters.  

In all of those efforts, you were there as our colleagues, allies, and supporters. We truly appreciate your interest and engagement in our work and hope our collaboration could continue to the next year. We hope you have very happy holidays and wish you the best for the year 2023. 


Rev. Song, Kyong Yong and the Korea Social Value and Solidarity Foundation Team