SVS Newsletter vol.2 (Sep ~ Dec)

ETC 2021. 12. 21. 00:28

SVS Newsletter vol.2 (Sep ~ Dec 2021) 

Thank you for your continuous interest and support for the Korea Social Value and Solidarity Foundation throughout the year. In the year 2022, we will keep putting our utmost efforts into creating sustainable social finance ecosystems together with social finance intermediary institutions here in Korea and with our international partners from around the globe.

May this season bring joy, love, and blessings to you and your family.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !


SVS provides match funding for social housing tenant protection funds (Oct)

SVS signed an agreement with the Korea Social Housing Association in providing match funding to the association’s tenant protection funds. Through the agreement, social housing providers which often experience short-term liquidity problems thereby unable to return deposits to tenants can now benefit from the increased pool of the fund.   

SVS published the 6th edition of the 'SVS Insight' and hosted a webinar (Oct, Nov)

SVS published the 6th edition of its ‘SVS Insight’.  The edition focuses on the status of social finance ecosystems in Quebec that has enabled social economy enterprises to flourish in the region. To disseminate the contents of SVS insight 6th editionSVS also hosted a webinar by inviting the author to present onQuebec’s social finance development strategies

SVS hosted a social finance session at the GSEF2021 Mexico Forum (Oct)
SVS hosted a self-organized online session on ‘the role of social finance and its future in the post covid19 era’ which took place at the Global Social Economy Forum 2021 Mexico. SVS invited leading social finance networks and institutions from various fields (impact investment, microcredit, cooperative finance, wholesaler and ethical bank)  to share stories of different social finance models in responding to the covid19 crisis.   Read more 

SVS and KT finalized the ‘Warm technology plus challenge’ (Nov)
SVS and KT (Korean Telecommunication corporation) hosted a final ceremony event for the 'Warm technology plus challenge'; an award for social enterprises which utilize technologies for achieving social impacts. Shortlisted 6 social enterprises received a prize amount maximum 100 million KRW (approx. 85,000 USD).   Read more

Seminar on legislation for promoting workers mutual aid in Korea (Dec)
SVS co-hosted a seminar on legislative issues concerning workers mutual aid in Korea. Jointly organized with members of Congress (Democratic ruling party) working on leveraging mutual aid to enhance social protection for workers, the seminar discussed various legal and policy support issues.  Read more


Geonmaek 1897 Cooperative
Social Housing and Community Ownership

:: The first village pub and guesthouse in Korea owned by residents on the seafood street of Manho-dong, Mokpo.

"The bold efforts of two social financial actors, SVS and BPLUS, helped greatly in our achievement of community ownership. We hope that the example of our project will pave the way for others and provide an opportunity for diverse strategies to emerge in social finance in Korea."

Education and Childcare

:: Childcare services in which you can be confident, for both long or short periods

"As one child sitter looks after several children in the neighborhood as a group, it has allowed us to provide high-quality services while lowering the cost to parents and carers. Above all, the greatest satisfaction I get from this work is that we are helping to ensure children's right to play."

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South Korea hosted the 33rd ICA World Congress 

ICA (International Cooperative Alliance)’s 33rd World Cooperative Congress took place in Seoul (1~3 Dec) under the theme ‘Deepening our cooperative identity. More than 1,200 people gathered together at the 2021 Congress to celebrate the 125th anniversary of ICA which has 318 member cooperatives from 112 countries.

Key accomplishments of social enterprise promotion policy (2016~2021)

The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced the major accomplishments of social enterprise promotion policy for the past 5 years. The current government set the promotion of the social economy as one of the main government priorities and has been providing various policy and legislative supports for creating sustainable social economy ecosystems. 

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